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Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy right for you? If you've got unsecured debt (medical bills, credit card debt) or you find yourself consistently without funds after you meet your monthly obligations, bankruptcy could be the best options available to help manage your debt.

Solve your financial issues today

If you're struggling beneath crippling debts, you may want to consider Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy isn't about financial failure - it's about legal relief from your debt!


So if you're stuck making only minimum payments on unpaid debts, including medical debt or loan debt, turn to Esser & Isaacson Law Office to find debt relief and stop garnishments!

Whether you're dealing with issues regarding family law, such as a divorce or custody battle, or you're looking for qualified legal help for a real estate matter, the team at Esser & Isaacson Law Office is standing by to help! We are located in Mason City, IA.

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Let the talented legal team at Esser & Isaacson Law Office put over 65 years of legal experience to work on your bankruptcy case so that you can find relief from your financial struggles.

Get the legal aid you need to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy today - call for details!


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