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Your criminal defense procedure will involve strategic arguments from the attorneys that will attempt to challenge the validity and sufficiency of the prosecutor's case to show that you weren't involved in wrongdoing.

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If you've recently had a run-in with the law, you know that it may feel like the legal process will never end. So when you need legal assistance, get passionate representation on your side. The attorneys at the Esser & Isaacson Law office will tenaciously represent your rights in cases including OWI/DUI and various misdemeanors.

Esser & Isaacson Law Office provides you with more than just criminal defense assistance. If you've filed for bankruptcy or undergone a divorce, you can still get insightful legal assistance from our team of attorneys. We are located in Mason City, IA.

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When involved with a complicated legal matter, you need experienced representation. The attorneys at Esser & Isaacson Law Office bring 65 years of combined experience to your case!

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