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If you were in an accident that caused injury to your mind, body, or emotions, you may have legal recourse. So get sound legal counsel from the team of attorneys at the Esser & Isaacson Law Office. You don't have to deal with trauma for another day!


You can be confident in your attorneys - our legal team has over 65 years of experience!

Whether you've been burdened with bankruptcy or you need legal assistance for a criminal matter, get the sound legal counsel you deserve from the experienced attorneys at Esser & Isaacson Law Office. We are conveniently located in Mason City, IA.

Get help for nearly any type of personal injury:

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The attorneys at the Esser & Isaacson Law office can also assist in personal injury cases regarding animal injuries, including dog bites. So get the justice you deserve with help from your talented legal team!

Esser & Isaacson Law Office provides you with stellar turnaround times - call today for an appointment!


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