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Whether you need to establish a Last Will and Testament, General Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney, or a Living Will, Esser & Isaacson Law Office has the skill to help you create any of these key legal documents.

Ensure that you have a plan for your family

You never know when catastrophe may strike. If the unthinkable were to happen, would your family be aware of your wishes? Would they know how to handle your estate?


If you're not sure about these issues, get professional legal assistance from the attorneys at Esser & Isaacson Law Office located in Mason City, IA and get the legal counsel you need to make these choices.

Confused about the difference between a Living Will and a Final Will? The attorneys at Esser & Isaacson Law Office want you to make informed, comfortable decisions about your legal needs. Read more on legal definitions here!

Enjoy a full range of probate law services

Not sure what kind of legal help you need?

Get the help you need to plan or administrate the estate of a loved one from the talented attorneys at Esser & Isaacson Law Office! You'll get dedicated legal assistance from our team of attorneys.

Find qualified help for the various areas of probate law from Esser & Isaacson Law Office - call today!


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